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Casual Style: White shirt and Blue jeans

Hello everyone,

today the keyword is EASY

So… is there something easier than a white shirt and a pair of blue jeans? Mmm… I don’t think so.

Let’s see how we can manage to stand out even with something this easy.

To personalize this outfit, I used my seersucker double breasted jacket (you can see it here as well), it’s very fresh and it is perfect for the italian hot summer.
What else? Just some little detail here and there… Like my wooden cufflinks, tan suede shoes, and brown socks (with little light blue stripes)

That’s it! So, what do you think? Have I managed to make something as easy as white shirt and a pair of blue jeans personal and stylish?

As usual, take care
Consultant Style Advisor

Ciao a tutti,

Oggi la parola chiave è EASY

Quindi… c’è qualcosa di più semplice che una camicia bianca e un paio di blue jeans? Mmm… Non credo proprio.

Vediamo come possiamo riuscire a distinguerci anche con qualcosa di così semplice.

Per personalizzare questo outfit, ho usato la mia giacca a doppio petto seersucker (la potete vedere anche qui), è molto fresca ed è perfetta per l’estate calda italiana.
Che altro? Solo qualche piccolo dettaglio qua e là… Come i gemelli di legno, scarpe in pelle scamosciata beige, e calze marroni con una sottile riga azzurra

Questo è tutto! Allora, cosa ne pensate? Sono riuscito a rendere personale e “stiloso” una cosa semplice come jeans e camicia bianca? Fatemi sapere!!

Come sempre, un caro saluto
Consultant Style Advisor
I was wearing/Indossavo:
Jacket/Giacca: Sartoria Italiana, Shirt/Camicia: Charles Tyrwitt, Jeans: Jacob Cohen, socks/calze: Milano Calze, handkerchief/fazzoletto: vintage handmade, Sun glasses/occhiali da sole: Web, Shoes/Scarpe: Sutor Mantellassi

20 thoughts on “Casual Style: White shirt and Blue jeans

  1. The outfit may look like you have easily put it together, however again the devil is in the detail. The tiny detail of the wooden cufflinks to a white shirt are an inspired choice.

    The tan suede shoes and brown socks with blue stripes, are a great choice to wear with the jeans. A great outfit as always, the Jaguar convertible gives a little bit of britishness to your set of pictures, and I love it.

  2. Truly a nice outfit. I like the way the subtle differences in the shades of the light blue colours are completed by the jackets seersucker texture, and wonderfully finished by those nice suede brogues.

    It would be interesting to see a pair of sewn 5 cm turn ups on those denim trousers. I think it would look great in the type of outfit shown above.




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