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Casual Style: White chinos and orange shirt

Hello everyone,

another super hot day here in Italy, we need to stay cool and… classy of course!!

Knowing your cloths is always a good thing, in fact for todays’s outfit I opted for a linen shirt (which is perfect for such a hot weather) and a pair of light weight cotton chinos.

As you know “Knowledge is power”, so here it’s a little secret for you….

the natives in the tropics often used red and orange linings in their clothing to protect their skin and to reflect the ultraviolet rays of the sun. So… when it’s hot… chose a red or an orange shirt!!

Let me know what do you think about this outfit!

Consultant Style Advisor

Ciao a tutti,

un’altra giornata super calda qui in Italia, ma abbiamo bisogno di rimanere freschi e… sempre di classe, naturalmente!

Conoscere i le stoffe e i materiali è sempre una buona cosa, infatti per l’outfit di oggi ho optato per una camicia di lino (che è perfetto per un clima caldo) e un paio di chinos di cotone leggero.

Come sapete “La conoscenza è potere”, così vi svelo un piccolo segreto…

gli indigeni nei tropici spesso usano vestiti di colore rosso o arancione per proteggere la pelle e per riflettere i raggi ultravioletti del sole. Quindi… quando fa caldo… e dovete rimanere al sole…. optate per indumenti di colore rosso o arancione!

Cosa ne dite di questo outfit?

Come sempre, un caro saluto

Consultant Style Advisor

British cars….

British car’s smile… Well… sort of 🙂

I was wearing/Indossavo:
Shirt/Camicia: Carrel Camicie, Chinos: Ader Milano, Shoes/Scarpe: Zara, Sun Glasses/Occhiali da sole: Ray Ban Chromax Vintage, Watch/Orologio: Hip-Hop

32 thoughts on “Casual Style: White chinos and orange shirt

  1. Io adoro l’arancio, e questa camicia di lino è molto bella. Ma è manica corta o lunga? Perchè la manica lunga arrotolata è ok, ma quella corta…sai come la penso!

  2. At first I wasn’t sure that orange was a the right colour to wear with white, however after looking at the pictures more closely I notice that orange shirt isn’t quite as bright as it first appeared.

    Again you’ve managed to create an outfit that is casual but smart and would look equally at home in a smart restaurant or a local bar. The white loafers worn without socks set the outfit off perfectly. Its also good to see the classic jaguar return, though I hope the classic mini may make an appearance in a future set of pics, as i’m a big Mini fan.

    Totally love this outfit and will be trying this colour out myself.

    • The beauty of that shirt is exactly that! It isn’t that orange, it’s more kinda pale orange (if we can call it this way).

      Don’t worry Doctor, the Mini will be back 😉

      Take care
      Consultant Style Advisor


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