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Summer evening: Blue Jacket and white chinos

Hello everyone,

here I’m with another outfit, after the golf course… I can go out for the evening!

So here it is my evening outfit:
Nothing too smart, it’s holidays time after all 😉

Another patched/embroidered shirt still in a british mood in a very pale shade of blue.

The jacket is funny because it’s made of Jersey, the very same fabric that is normally used for hoodies and jumpers, so you can put it in your travel bag with no particular love and care and still have a nice jacket when you arrive at your destination.

Here’s one for you: in 1916 a young french girl outraged the fashion industry by presenting a collection made… wait for it… Yep, you guessed it! Jersey
At that time jersey cloth was used strictly for… well… Underwear
You can imagine how scandalous that was!

Uh.. did I mention that the french girl was Coco Chanel?
So… if it’s good enough for Chanel… I think it’s good enough for me as well

Do you like it? Let me know

Consultant Style Advisor

Ciao a tutti,

Ecco un’altro outfit, dopo il golf … sono pronto per uscire per la sera!

Ma vediamo un po’ questo outfit serale:
Niente di troppo elegante, sono pur sempre in vacanza, dopo tutto 😉

Un’altra camicia piena di patch e ricami sempre in “british mood” in azzurro chiarissimo.

La giacca è divertente perché è fatta di Jersey, lo stesso tessuto che viene normalmente utilizzato per felpe e maglioni, così si può mettere in valigia senza particolare attenzione e cura e avere ancora una bella giacca quando si arriva a destinazione

Vi racconto un piccolo aneddoto: nel 1916 una giovane ragazza francese scandalizzò l’industria della moda presentando una collezione fatta… indovinate un po’???

…Sì, avete indovinato, Jersey!!
In quegli anni il jersey era utilizzato esclusivamente per… beh… la biancheria intima.
Quindi potete immaginare lo scandalo che fece..

Uh… vi ho detto che la ragazza francese era Coco Chanel?
Quindi… se va bene per Coco Chanel … Penso proprio che possa andare bene anche a me! 😉

Cosa ne dite? Fatemi sapere!

Come sempre, un caro saluto
Consulente Style Advisor

…and the wind makes fun of my hairs

I was wearing/Indossavo:
Shirt/Camicia: La Martina, Jacket/Giacca: Gutteridge, Shoes/Scarpe: Zara, Chinos: Ader Milano, Sunnies/Occhiali da sole: Ray Ban Chromax

32 thoughts on “Summer evening: Blue Jacket and white chinos

    • Grazie mille Lisa!!
      Io al sole ci sto anche è che sono proprio fatto di cuoio, non mi abbronzo molto facilmente 😦
      Quest’anno vacanza itinerante per la gioia delle gomme della macchina eh eh Un po’ di Toscana, un po’ di Umbria, anche un po’ d’Abruzzo (qui ad esempio sono vicino Pescara)

      Un caro saluto
      Consultant Style Advisor

  1. Perhaps you can educate the Librarian. What is the difference between Chinos, Twill and Khaki. Or are they same just with different names in different places?

    Besides this as always the details always capture my eye!


    • Well, as far as I know here is the story:

      Chino: is actually a cloth, like it may be tweed or jersey. This Chino cloth was invented in the mid 19th century for the british uniforms. Nowadays when we say Chinos (with an “s”) we actually mean a pair of flat front trousers made of cotton (or cotton-like fabric)

      Twill: is a type of textile weave with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs (as far as Wikipedia goes)

      Khaki: well khaki is a colour and a fabric as well. It’s a fabric made of linen and cotton and it’s a kind of yellow-ish colour (British Indian Army uniform colour, if I remember correctly). Some say that they invented the khaki colour dyeing a white uniform in tea, some say they dyed it in mulberry juice. Point is that the colour khaki was invented almost by chance.

      I hope this disentangle a bit yours doubts. If you have more questions I’ll be happy to answer.

      As always thank you for stopping by and for the nice words

      Consultant Style Advisor

  2. Very summery with the white and pale blue colors and the loafers. Lovely details in the photos. I like the jersey jacket – I’ve only seen the jersey kind in grey before where you can absolutely tell that the fabric is jersey but with your one it is harder to tell. Very smart.
    Will def follow your blog!

    – Sofie

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  4. I’m liking the british theme that seems to be running through your outfit choices recently. The shirt has quite a few cool emblems on it, the classic Jaguar adds to the britishness of the whole outfit.

    The attention to detail is fantastic as one expects right down to the light blue polkadot pocket square, finished off with the perfect tassel loafers.

    I hope the classic Mini makes an appearence soon, as its my favourite.

    • Glad you like it! (the polkadot pocket square is seriously cool, isn’t it? I love it! 🙂 )

      The Mini will be back soon don’t worry! (she is an old lady and from time to time needs a bit of extra care by the hands of the specialist)

      Take care
      Consultant Style Advisor


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