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Velvet Jacket and Red Tie

Hello my fellow followers!

This week I’m going to show you an outfit that I’m very fond of.

For our weekly appointment this time I’ve chosen a blue velvet jacket, somehow I’ve noticed that velvet jacket are quite underrated, you can’t find them that easily, so I decided to give them a little shout out from my pokey style blog 🙂

To compliment the jacket I opted for a red silk tie, just to give a touch of colour, and a pocket handkerchief in the same shades of colours.

This week shirt is quite unusual as well because of the collar-tie bar, I’m not a big fan of the button-down collar, but I wanted something different from the good old spread collar so…. here it comes the tie/collar bar!

As always, I hope you like what you see and I’m looking forward to read your comments!

Take care you all!!!

Consultant Style Advisor

Un saluto a Voi tutti!

Vi mostrerò un outfit che mi piace particolarmente!

Per il nostro appuntamento settimanale questa volta ho scelto una giacca di velluto blu, in qualche modo ho notato che le giacche di velluto sono abbastanza sottovalutate, non si riesce a trovarle così facilmente, così ho deciso di dare loro un piccolo shout out dal mio modesto blog di stile maschile 🙂

Alla giacca ho abbinato una cravatta di seta rossa, giusto per dare un tocco di colore e, un fazzoletto nelle stesse tonalità di colori.

La camicia è piuttosto insolita per via del colletto con la spilla, io non sono un grande fan del colletto button-down ma volevo qualcosa di diverso dal classico colletto alla francese, ecco quindi la scelta alternativa…

Come sempre, spero che gradiate quello che vedete e non vedo l’ora di leggere i vostri commenti!

Un caro saluto a tutti voi!

Consultant Style Advisor

Photo by the one and only: Mr. T

 I Was wearing/Indossavo


Charles Tyrwhitt

Al Bazar Milano

Cardinale Milano

Watch chain/Catena dell’orologio
Al Bazar Milano

Versace Versus

Sunnies/Occhiali da sole
Persol 649

Pocket Handkerchief/Fazzoletto
Villa Delmitia Milano

8 thoughts on “Velvet Jacket and Red Tie

  1. Its been a while since I commented on here, for which i’m sorry I’ve been very busy and not had much time to do anything.

    As you say velvet jackets are very understated and hard to find, this one is a classic and co-ordinates with this outfit perfectly. The tie bar is perfectly understated and adds detail to the outfit that no one else would pick up on.

    The shoes are a perfect match for this out fit, I also like the socks your wearing to as they have a hint of purple stripe in them which draws your eye down to the shoe.

    As always your style is impecable.

    • Dear doctor!!!
      I’ve noticed your absence, but don’t worry, it’s always a pleasure to read your comment.

      Now, about the socks… the “purple hint” that you see it’s actually my skin, let me explain, those socks are black and as soon as you stretch them a little they reveal a little grey stripe (So as you can imagine in this way I can make happy both the shoes and the trousers).

      The grey stripy-thing is actually quite transparent so… add a hint of pink to the shade of gray and you’ve got your purple 😉

      Those socks deserve a better post I know, I’ll definitely post them again in the future.

      Take very good care
      Consultant Style Advisor

  2. I totally agree with the 1st comment, it screams Iron Man, so hot.
    I’m loving how its very professional and put together yet the velvet jacket & red tie scream “I’m ready to have some fun.”

    • Thank you Ping!!

      This RDJ/Iron Man thing is really growing up, I have hundreds of mail saying the same thing, especially from the Tumblr.

      Well …what can I say… Thank you again!!

      Take care
      Consultant Style Advisor


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