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Mad men style suit

Hello my fellow followers!

One of you GnT Styl-ed sent me an e-mail with this question:

“I have an important meeting and I want to be smart, like grey suit smart, but I want to look personal and original anyway, can you help me?”

But of course I can, this outfit is so classic it can be seen in Mad men, but I throw in it just a little touch of my dandy-ness (check the tie and the socks 😉 )

Hope you all like it, let me know what you think about it!

Take care

Consultant Style Advisor

Ben trovati!

Uno di voi “GnT Styl-ed” mi ha mandato una e-mail con questa domanda:

“Ho una riunione importante e voglio essere elegante, tipo elegante da abito grigio, ma voglio comunque avere quel tocco personale e originale, mi puoi dare qualche suggerimento?”

Ma certo che posso, questo outfit è così classico che lo puoi anche vedere in una puntata di Mad Men, ma se guardi bene noterai che ho messo un piccolo tocco del mio dandismo (guarda bene la cravatta e la calza 😉 )

Spero che Vi piaccia, fatemi sapere!!

Un caro saluto a tutti

Consultant Style Advisor

Yes yes the monogram is in the same shade of blue as the gloves 😉

Photo by the one and only: Mr.T

I was wearing/Indossavo:

Burberry of London

Charles Tyrwhitt

Cardinale Milano

Al Bazar Milano

English Tailor

15 thoughts on “Mad men style suit

  1. Excellent post.New styles of a modern Man.Thank you for following my site Wishing you succes in all your future endeavours.Jalal

  2. It appears u know a great deal with regards to this specific issue and it exhibits thru
    this excellent post, called Modern Window Treatments “Mad men style suit
    | G n’T style”. I am grateful -Pedro


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