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The man with one red shoe

Red Shoes02

Hello my fellow followers,

you know me, I’m an incurable dandy, and I’m quite an anglophile as well if I should linger…

I came across this funky shoes made by Clarks in collaboration with Hainsworth, which is a very famous cloth maker.

Hainsworth makes that red cloth used by the British Royal Guard, you know… they do this cloth since 1783 so they must be good at this, don’t they?

Anyway, the classic Clarks desert boot is a british icon, the red tunic guard is another one… Some inspired lad decided to do a joint venture and he come up with these astounding boots!

If I have to be honest I have to say that they are not the easiest pair of shoes to put in an outfit… but I think I’ve crack it anyway!

If you are into vintage sunglasses you better take a closer look because I wear the uber cool and uber rare Persol Meflecto (ratti era) that I showed you last time (Click HERE to see the Persol Ratti post)

As usual take very good care you all out there!
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Consultant Style Advisor

Ben trovati,

voi mi conoscete ormai, sono un dandy incurabile e sono anche un anglofilo irrecuperabile per dirla tutta…

Mi sono imbattuto in queste scarpe decisamente buff fatte da Clarks in collaborazione con Hainsworth, che è un produttore di tessuti molto famoso.

Hainsworth fa quel telo rosso usato dalla Guardia reale britannica, sapete… fanno questo tessuto dal 1783 quindi devono essere bravini non trovate?

In ogni caso, lo stivaletto Clarks è un’icona britannica, la guardia reale anche… Quindi qualcuno molto ispirato ha deciso di fare una joint venture si sono inventati queste scarpe così assurde da essere stupefacenti

Se devo essere sincero devo dire che non sono le più facili scarpe da abbinare… ma penso di esserci riuscire comunque

Se siete appassionati di occhiali da sole d’epoca è meglio che diate sguardo più attento, perché indosso i Persol Meflecto (epoca Ratti) che vi ho mostrato l’ultima volta (Clicca QUI per vedere il post Persol Ratti)

Come sempre, un caro saluto
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Consultant Style Advisor

Photo by the one and only: Mr. T

I Was wearing/Indossavo


Numbers Stockholm

Turtle Neck/Dolcevita
Yves Saint Laurent


Gucci Vintage


Watch Chain/Catena dell’Orologio 
Al Bazar Milano

Sunnies/Occhiali da sole 
Persol Ratti Meflecto  (Vintage 60s)


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13 thoughts on “The man with one red shoe

  1. This has to be the most daring and wonderful look you have rocked since I started following your blog! You look GREAT! Love the shoes and those sunglasses are right up there the best of the best. Classic accessories always work!

  2. Gian the entire outfit is the best fit I’ve ever seen you wear. The shoes, jacket, belt, pants and I noticed the red striped socks in another photo, they all are so pimping. I am seriously learning how to look good from you brother. You’re going to put a lot of men in the fashion industry to tears for not thinking up such a great fit. Those Clarks Desert boots are killer. I’ve never seen a pair like that. Take care my man.


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