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Budd Shirt Makers London – Style and Sartorial Superiority

budd shirts

There are certain names that create an air of reverence whenever they are uttered and, for those involved in the London tailoring scene, Budd Shirtmakers of Piccadilly Arcade are certainly one such name and, given the quality of the competition in the UK capital, this is truly testament to the quality of their wares.

They say that good things come in small packages and, with this in mind, it is perhaps not altogether surprising that Budd Shirts are still be found in the same small store in which their business first began over a century ago in 1910. When you make a product of a superior calibre, it is invariably the case that you don’t have to shout from the rooftops about your offerings, people will naturally gravitate towards you and so it has proven with Budd Shirts.

Established as one of London’s finest purveyors of fine, bespoke dress shirts and accessories, Budd will definitely ensure that you are one of the snappiest dressers in your circle of friends with an exceptional selection of dress shirts, bow ties, scarves and various other essentials that any dapper chair requires in order to be at the top of their sartorial game.


One of the things that truly set Budd Shirts apart is the fact that they boast two classically trained tailors with a world class pedigree than spans the Atlantic. Said tailors make frequent trips to New York to ensure those in the Big Apple don’t miss out on the chance to dress themselves in some of the most refined garments to come out of London. You can read more about these USA trips – HERE.

budd shirts interior


So, for those who want to make their wardrobe considerably more dapper this summer and who are after some rather spiffing dress shirts and accessories then Budd Shirts is patently the place to be. And fear not if you’re not in the vicinity of their London store, they operate online as well and their site can be found at

Words by our friendly contributor: Leo Parker


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