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The Art Of Shaving


A sharp dressed man needs to know how to have a smooth trouble free shave for the classy clean cut look.

It comes down to selecting the right tools and knowing how to use them, the first step to improving every man’s shave is to use a quality shaving brush, Badger Hair is the hair of choice but there are many quality alternatives like horse or boar hair. The shape of your brush; fan or round shape will slightly alter its use and performance, experiment if a swirling or back-forth motion works best for you.

If you are comfortable using a cartridge razor then stay with it, see how your shave is improved with a shaving brush, If you want to look towards a Double Edge Safety Razor or a Straight Razor then you will get better shaves once you learn the technique, one thing a cartridge razor does not let you control is the blade angle, whether going with, across or against the direction of growth. It is the blade angle, pressure and extra concentration that gets closer shaves. Try the two pass shave, first shave with the direction of growth, then re-lather from your shaving brush and this time shave across the direction of growth. Some times you can shave against the growth but this can lead to shaving rash or razor burn, you will know yourself what works best for you.

Like most things once you move away from the mass consumer items there are many techniques to achieve the same outcome. What works well for you may not be so good for someone else.

Take a look at and it’s well worth it and GnY Style Approved!!

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